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Sunni Turnout Low

Dexter Filkins of the NYT notes that Arab Sunni turnout was in fact quite low. Still no numbers, though.

Low Voting Rate Risks Isolation for Sunni Iraqis As poll workers tally the ballots from Sunday's election, Iraqi and Western officials say, it is increasingly clear that the country's once powerful Sunni minority largely boycotted the voting, confirming the group's political isolation.

While Shiites and Kurds, who make up more than 80 percent of the population, turned out to vote in great numbers, a Western diplomat said Monday, the turnout in Sunni areas appeared to be "quite low."

The thin turnout means the Sunnis, many of whom already feel deeply alienated from the American-backed enterprise here, could be vastly underrepresented in the national assembly. The 275-member parliament will oversee the drafting of a constitution, which is to be put before Iraqi voters later this year.
Update 2/3/05, 4:08 PM EST: Greg Mitchell of Editor and Publisher provides a much needed dose of reality on the turnout numbers. We have very little idea of what percentage of Iraqis voted.


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