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Washington Post Editorial: There is No "Crisis"

How does the Post manage to turn an editorial titled No Social Security 'Crisis' into an uninformed list of problems confronting social security? For instance, the argument that it's "undeniable that it's far easier to fix things now than later" assumes that something like a Trust Fund will be honored. If we were to raise payroll taxes now, the GOP would maliciously use that working class money to subsidize tax cuts for the rich. Any effort to fix the problem now will be sabotaged by the Republicans.

The argument that "Social Security's fundamental difficulty is a demographic one," where the number of workers per retiree is slowly shrinking, assumes that this is a problem that we haven't been solving for 70 years. Everyone has foreseen the inevitable reduction in that ratio - hence the Greenspan/Reagan compromise, where workers agreed to pay more now to build up a reserve for the future. The Republicans desperately want to reneg on the consideration for that promise - decent benefits.


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