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Bush on the Defensive on Social Security

Robert Toner, New York Times:

President Bush dismissed the notion Thursday that his campaign to create private accounts in Social Security was in serious trouble, asserting he was still "at the early stages of the process."

Vowing to push ahead and acknowledging that "I've got a lot more work to do," Mr. Bush said he was open to ideas from both parties and tried again to allay the fears widespread in his own party that Social Security was "the third rail of politics."

"Ultimately," he said, "I think politicians need to be worried about not being a part of the solution."

Senate Democrats seemed unworried. They said they would work with Mr. Bush on Social Security only if he would "publicly and unambiguously announce" that he rejected his proposal for private investment accounts financed by payroll tax revenues.
Democrats have a solution to the Social Security problem. It's called investing in America's future. Rather than accepting as inevitable America's descent into mediocrity, we need prudently allocate our resources, investing in workers, future generations, and our national infrastructure. We can avoid stagnating wages, weak productivity growth, and slow GDP growth if we make the right choices today. President Bush would rather deal with symptoms than the disease.


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