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Democracy Corp Offers Bad Advice

I agree with Josh Marshall and Max Sawicky (particularly Max) : Carville and Greenberg need to shut the fuck up.

The only Social Security reform agenda I would support is one that would seek to make the bonds held by the trust fund legally enforceable. Either the trustees or individual retirees need to be able to sue to ensure that the money borrowed from American workers is repaid by the general fund.

Update, 2:56 PM EST: Citizen's Rent/Random Thoughts avoids the profanity:

I'll tell you something else, too. If the Republicans and any like-minded Democrats really don't think the trust fund is available to pay benefits when needed then no way in hell will I support any reform that provides more money than is needed in that year to pay benefits, I will not support anything that creates a surplus in the trust fund - not unless there's a balanced budget amendment that puts excess social security funds in that infamous lock-box. Burn me once, shame on me. I've been burned by paying taxes to build a surplus that has been raided with no plans to pay it back. Burn me twice, shame on me. I'm not volunteering to build another surplus. No way.

I feel screwed over by manipulative politics. Raise my lifelong payroll taxes to build a surplus to cover a projected need - one I'm willing to pay for - and then use that money for something else with no planning to replace it, then tell me you need to raise my taxes to pay back the money you took that I put in? The only response I have is profane. So I'm done.


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