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How Determination Works

George Bush ran for reelection on the idea that "determination" was the key to defeating Al Qaeda, rather than things like ideas, policies and diplomacy. I never really understood why one might think this, but it is definitely becoming clearer:

Still, some Republicans are resigned to uniting behind the president [on Social Security privatization], given his determination. "The president is going to go ahead," said Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a Republican leadership lieutenant. "He cannot afford to fail. It would have repercussions for the rest of his program, including foreign policy. We can't hand the president a defeat on his major domestic initiative at a time of war."
Bush's determination is mighty enough to cow even the steadfast cadre of Washington Republicans - surely it is potent enough to wash away al Qaedaism as well.


Act to Oppose Gonzales

Now is the time to stand against torture by opposing Gonzales' confirmation. I've put together a partial list of decent organizations and petitions:

Sign all the petitions, send letters, pick a couple of links and send them to your friends.

Update, 9:21 PM EST: The Alliance for Justice has information and the Nation has an action opportunity. Please let me know if I overlooked anybody working on the issue.


New Blogs

Continuing my housekeeping, I updated the blog list to the left - I added Left2Right, James Wolcott, Bluegrass Roots, and Polianna. Left2right and Wolcott don't really need much introduction, I've had them in my RSS reader for a long time, but just hadn't updated the list. Bluegrass Roots is a great group blog run by some fellow Kentuckians. They broke the story last July of the "Kerry is bin Laden's Man/Bush is My Man" signs being distributed by the Jefferson County Republican Party. Polianna is a polymath liberal site trying to "buck the dominant paradigm" - it's run by a couple of guys I met at DC's Drinking Liberally two weeks ago.


I guess I'm back to blogging. I had a rough holiday - my laptop computer, which was my primary, was stolen while travelling (along with my digital camera, my USB drive, and other stuff), the weather back home in Kentucky was miserable (completely unlike DC right now, I should say), and I caught a pretty massive head cold. I've got my old laptop up and running, but it took me the greater part of two days to actually get the thing in usable condition - deleting old programs and documents, updating and installing new - it's amazing how dependent I've become on freeware and open source programs. It's also amazing how much information can be lost in such a simple act. I probably lost more information to a Columbus Ohio pawn shop than people a generation ago would have encountered in their lifetime.

I also had the distinct luxury of fighting through my mother's CoolWEBSearch malware while at home. Not a pretty program, there.

Here are the programs I have installed on my computer:


Google Desktop Search
Google Tool Bar
Google Gmail Notifier
Furl Toolbar

Sypbot Search and Destroy

If I had used the GmailFS before my laptop was stolen, my life would be a lot easier right now.


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